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Weekend Fun-ness

Yesterday (well Sunday) I got to hang out with my boyfriend again. <3 He came over to my house this time. At first we just sat around and talked about how bored we were, then we went to the store. When we came back my sister was awake, so she annoyed us to death. Later we went outside again and walked to the shop things in Wilamette. I saw my friend Nicki on the way there, so she hung out with us. At the collectibles Corner Brendon got me this really cool silver ring. <3 It has hands holding a heart with a crown on it.

<3 I love Brendon. <3 He is way different than anyone I have been with, and I really love him. (And he kisses really well. x3)

*Poke* I'm going to bed now cuz I'm really tired.
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