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Summer Fun-ness

Wow.. I was just about halfway through my LJ entry when my internet crashed. My net sucks, lol. I use a version of Internet Explorer.

Anyway.. I've just been sitting around in my room for the most part of the summer.. I want to go somewhere with some friends and have fun. You could pretty much just knock on my door and I'll be at home. When I'm not at home, I'm at Jessica's, which hasn't been very often lately. She has been at her boyfriend's, and my mom doesn't want to drive out there.

Well.. Someone call me or something.. Or come to my house if you know where I live. (Yeah.. Like most people, I only give my address to my friends, heh. Hm.. That was obvious.)

I hope everyone is having fun on their summer vacation. (I'll miss you Calvin! Have fun!)

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